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Have the French become household objects?

Have the French become household objects?

When it comes to travel, France is becoming, according to some, the Midwest of Europe: isolated, inland, never looking beyond its horizons for vacations, passports are so bad.

Some elements point in this direction. According to one study, four in ten French people agree with the idea of ​​limiting air travel to four per person in a lifetime – or once every twenty years if we’re lucky.

This hostility to air travel is in keeping with the times as France has already banned short-haul domestic flights. At the same time, another study showed that the demand for vacations has decreased significantly compared to last year, and official figures show that half of the population has a passport. We are close to 75% in the UK.

So the French behave like the French and are happy with themselves and their place in the world and don’t want to go anywhere else?

No, no. Some changes are necessary in reports circulating on the Internet. Let’s take them one by one. Forty percent of people sustain four plane rides in a lifetime? You are welcome. This is what a poll called Vox Populi says. People talk nonsense, and in France, they think what is expected of them—planes and meat, worse; Cycling and eggplants are a short circuit, good – and continue as before: take the plane, eat beef, throw the eggplants in the garbage.

The gap between public discourse and concrete behavior is wider in France than in Britain. No French person admits to liking hypermarkets or fast food restaurants, but who do the hundreds of people queuing at Lidl, Leclerc or McDonalds?

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Same goes for travel. Many say they don’t want it, but Air France offers 835 flights a day to 89 countries from April to the end of September this year – in 2019 – and hopes to do more. Many people were buying tickets. 40% of the weight of the anti-aircraft movement is yet to be felt, we can say that it is actually the opposite.

As for the ban on domestic flights in March 2023, that too is not correct. Only flights connecting cities with rail links are banned