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Haute Loire.  Igor Bogdanov was in Yssingeaux this weekend

Haute Loire. Igor Bogdanov was in Yssingeaux this weekend

This Saturday, Marilyn Dubois, choreographer, dancer, actress and art therapist united her destiny with Christophe Berbet, a soccer player of the USSR. Many guests from the world of entertainment as well as from the round ball were present at the Château de Lavée, where secular ceremonies and festivities were held.

Among them, Marilyn’s longtime friend had confirmed the point of his presence, Igor Bogdanov, his brother Grichka was also kept next to Montpellier. The Bogdanov brothers, animators, television producers and article writers have distinguished themselves since the 1970s in the fields of popular science, cosmology and science fiction.

“I was surprised that everyone knew I was there”

Igor arrived during the night from Friday to Saturday and stayed at the Hotel and Restaurant Le Bourbon, and met some Yssingelais. “I was surprised that everyone knew that I was invited to the wedding of Christophe and Marilyn. “Everyone knows them in Yssingeaux,” he stressed in his humorous speech.

The guest was also very available with the rest of the group, willingly taking selfies at the wedding. This made delighted Jade Monier, the niece of the groom, who actually had a chance to be invited on stage by Vianney during the Mothers’ Festival in Sainte-Sigolène last week.

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