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Hatem Makdadi succeeds Louis Borfega in Canadian tennis

Hatem Makdadi succeeds Louis Borfega in Canadian tennis

He himself is a former professional player who had already camped at 226th in the world in December 1985, McDade hastened to sign his signature by moving from the expansion of executives into elite management.

This is how he actually appointed Guillaume Marx and Sylvain Bruno to take charge of programs targeting the elite and the next generation of Canadian tennis.

Makadi said Canadian tennis is on the rise. We have just recorded historic results on the international stage. We should be grateful for the work of Luis Borfega who succeeded in instilling a winning culture and structural system. We must continue our progress and development thanks to the financial contribution of the private sector partners, He argued.

Sharing tasks

Thus, Guillaume Marx, who participated in the rise of the new Canadian brigade bearers Denis Shapovalov and Felix Auger Aliassim, became the head of the performance division.

He is now responsible for overseeing the National Tennis Center located in the stadium den in Gary Park in Montreal, as well as the regional centers in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Preview for Guillaume Marx Tennis Canada

Marx would not turn everything upside down. Instead, he wants to build on the foundations that Porvieja has laid.

I think it changed the culture and that this culture must be preserved. This means that there are standards that are still high in Canada, and I think the first thing to do, before thinking about doing something different, is to maintain the culture of performance and high standards that now exist in our region. country.

Quote from:Guillaume Marks, Director of Performance, Tennis Canada

The second thing, I think somewhere there is a new beginning anyway because of the epidemic. I think our country is particularly affected. You have to realize this because there have been no competitions in Canada for a year and a half. We are almost one of the only countries in the world where this is the case. There is necessarily something to start over and I think that national academies and centers will play the biggest role.Marx continued.

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For Luis Borvega, it is imperative to see that the base of sport can attract more players. For him, this is how Canada will be able to get more players from among the top 100 rackets in the world.

Our goal is to win the major tournaments, Billie Jean King Cup and Challenge Cup, but what we also want is to increase the base of good players and get more and more players. In our sport, there are more and more adults and children playing tennis.

Quote from:Luis Purvega, outgoing high performance manager, Tennis Canada

Andreescu is a priority

On her part, in addition to continuing to nurture Bianca Andreescu, Bruno will supervise the female component at the professional level and for the next generation (female players over the age of 16).

He will also be responsible for the women’s national selections for the Billie Jean King Cup (former Fed Cup) as well as the Olympic Games.

Preview Louis Borfega Tennis Canada

Borfega was reassuring Andreescu supporters by confirming that Bruno remained his main coach.

There is nothing to worry about there. His main role remains as the main coach of Bianca. This is his main challenge. After that, he will be in charge of the high standard of women over 16 and over, while Guillaume will take care of the younger ones, which will ease Silvan’s mission a little.

Quote from:Luis Borvega

But her main target is clearly still Bianca. He wants to make him win other major championships. It is also one of the goals of Canadian tennis to win other major titles. In my opinion, he will be able to bring the two together without much problem, as the one who will soon find his family on the grounds of Monaco insisted.

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Extended structure

The Canadian Tennis Organization also indicated that two new positions will be created to better oversee the development of emerging talent by adding depth to the organization’s structure.

Only in the next few weeks will we learn who is the head of development for those 15 and under, as well as the head of science and medicine in sport.

Jocelyn Robeshaud confirmed her role as the coaching program manager. Over the next few months, he will focus on recruiting and developing female trainers.

Finally, Janet Petras will be responsible for elite development programs as well as supporting administrators in evaluating and improving competition structures, policies and programs.

Sharing the tasks that often fell to Luis Borfega over the past fifteen years unequivocally illustrates the importance of his involvement in the development of Canada’s players who are now shining on the world stage.

I will leave Canada knowing that the development of Canadian tennis is in good handsSaid Luis Borvega in the official press release.

In the meantime, there is nothing new under the sun as to whether the National Bank tournaments in Montreal and Toronto are to be held or not.

Canadian Tennis Club spokesman Marc Antoine Farley indicated that communication channels with the public health authorities, the WTA and the WTA remained open in order to present the two meetings in the best possible way and under possible conditions.

Hope is kept because the percentage of the population vaccinated over the next few weeks may tip the scales for the better.

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