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Has mega-fashion finally gone too far?

There’s nothing more relaxing than wearing an XXL jacket or pants that don’t press on any member when you decide to sit down.

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Inspired, some designers have taken the casual look a notch higher. The silhouettes of Base Mark and ABLANKPAGE remind us of a time far, far away when we immersed ourselves in our parents’ wardrobe to disguise ourselves as “adults” and improvise a show in front of a mirror.

Besides, it’s funny, but these clothing explorations were mostly done in secret… Years later, we understand better why.

Has mega-fashion finally gone too far? It’s all about the right dose! So we avoid overfitting, because one gown is too big, it goes through, three, it starts to sound like a call for help.

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However, extra-long sleeves were cool in the 90s in grunge style, when we didn’t yet have a job or kids to raise. Since then, we have realized that hands are still functional.

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However, if we are not willing to allow thebig size Behind, we dare! Because we now wear “big” clothes, we feel nostalgic for our five years, even our somewhat shameful appearance, when our parents finally allowed us to dress ourselves.

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