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Has Donald Trump been exonerated by his "ally" Rupert Murdoch's media?

Has Donald Trump been exonerated by his “ally” Rupert Murdoch’s media?

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Former US President Donald Trump continues to claim that the 2020 election was rigged. Rupert Murdoch’s group had the right to incendiary articles in the media this weekend. Proof that the relationship between two men can always change.

With our correspondent in New York, Laubna Anagi

There are many telltale signs. In this case, just take a look at the media owned by mogul Rupert Murdoch. So far, Donald Trump has been at home on Fox News. And this New York Post Often served as a platform.

But in recent days, the same media seems to be abandoning the former president. Fox News First, contrary to its usual practice, the channel chose not to broadcast Donald Trump’s meeting in Arizona live on Friday evening.

Very critical editorials

A few days ago, the New York Post And this Wall Street Journal Both published articles and editorials strongly criticizing the former president. The dailies, in particular, consider Donald Trump derelict in his duty January 6, 2021. He was disqualified from leading the country again. ” A leader’s character emerges in times of crisisWritten for example Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump lost on January 6. “.

The change comes after a January 6 commission hearing, which Rupert Murdoch believes is time to turn the spotlight and turn to Donald Trump. Also, this Friday evening, instead of Trump’s meeting, Fox News aired an interview with Ron De Santis, the governor of Florida who already has ambitions for the next presidential election.

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