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Hard to find drive

Hard to find drive

Six weeks before July 1st, the carriers are nearly full at Morrissey. Some renters will find it more difficult than others to find the movers on time.

The year is expected to be a busy one, according to Déménagement Martel Express Director François Lagacé. If the housing crisis forces customers to stay at the same address, companies have fewer guns. The result: the calendar fills up faster.

Due to an acute shortage of personnel, some companies no longer provide residential moving services. This is the case for Transports Valois, in Trois-Rivières, which had to focus solely on commercial transport. Therefore, its customers find themselves elsewhere.

“I get a lot of calls. Summer is almost ‘loaded.’ I have a few locations in July,” Les As du Déménagement owner Brian Mineau commented.

Third floor tenants may have more difficulty obtaining services this year. Finding your mover is complicated, since many companies in Trois-Rivières have stopped providing the service. “They’re more selective, the staff, in a way. […] There are a lot of companies that don’t do that. Why? injury risk. Bro Déménagement general manager Mathieu Bleu explained that we were already short of manpower.

Again, rejected clients turn to the few companies that accept them. Sometimes the choice is greatly reduced.

In terms of billing, depending on the date of the move and the company chosen, rates can range from $200 to $300 an hour. Less impressive increase than last year, mainly due to higher oil prices.