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'Happy Birthday': A role in France by Danielle Fishud

‘Happy Birthday’: A role in France by Danielle Fishud

France opens its arms to Daniel Fishud. In addition to garnering praise for her character as a caring mother in the film alineThe Quebec-based actress just got a new role in the Christmas comedy, alongside Frank Dubusque, Emmanuel DeVos and Danielle LeBron.

This French comedy was filmed with the title Merry Christmas It started on Monday, in Paris. The film, produced by Studio Gaumont, will be directed by Clement Michel, author of the play big bathroom To whom we also owe comedy wagon strategy. “It’s a Christmas comedy set during a failed New Year’s Eve,” Danielle Fishud said on the phone from Paris, where she has been living for a few weeks.

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“In the film I play a Québecquer who has lived in France for a long time. It is very well written. I only had a day of filming so far and the crew is great. I was well received, especially by Franck Dubusque, who loves Québec very much.”

It is thanks to his role in aline – Valérie Lemercier’s freely inspired film from the life of Céline Dion – Danielle Fishud gets this new contract in France. The actress plays the singer’s mother, a character who is very inspired by Maman Dion. and lo aline She appeared only today in French cinemas, and the performance of Danielle Fishaud made the eyes of many people widen in the middle of French cinema, last summer, at the Cannes Film Festival, where she participated with the other actors in the film (Valéry Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel, Roc Lafortune) a welcome long.

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“It was magical, in Cannes, last summer, but I have to say the reception we got at the premiere of the movie in Paris, two weeks ago, was even crazier, and that confirms the actress. It felt like the Beatles!”

Before settling in Paris to shoot Merry ChristmasDanielle Fichaud spent several weeks in Lyon giving lessons as part of an exchange program with the drama school Les Ateliers Fichaud, which she founded in Montreal in 1988.

Within ten days the actress we’ve also seen in movies Augustine’s passion And Beche: Between Heaven and EarthHe’s taking a break from filming in Paris to come and serve aline in Quebec. The feature film will premiere in Montreal on November 23 and will be shown across the province three days later. “Since the time we’ve been talking about it, we’ve been very eager to finally find out aline for the people of Quebec.