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'Happiness': Michelle Charette slips into the teacher's shoes at the end

‘Happiness’: Michelle Charette slips into the teacher’s shoes at the end

They say there is no point in running away from your problems because they will chase after you, no matter where you go. This is what will happen to the character of Michael Charette in the new comic happiness10 episodes of the first season will be shown in January on TVA.

Francois Plante (Charette), a teacher, decides to give up everything to move to the countryside where he wants to write a novel. At the end of the line, he’s looking for a balance that can harmonize with “holy peace,” but sometimes, when you want to apply a perfect, ready-made recipe, you make a hell of a mess.

The team of Aetios, the production company of Fabien Laroche and her husband Michel Trudeau, welcomed the media on the final day of filming for the series, Monday, at the Bergeries de L’Acadie, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. For the occasion, we were filming the last scenes of this comedy by François Avard, the author behind it The Bougons, that’s life too!A stark success if there is one in our collective memory. For this project, Avard wrote the script with his partner Daniel Gagnon, himself a former teacher, as the main protagonist.

It’s erosion, it’s abstraction, it’s ‘politically incorrect’, it’s touching, it’s funny, I often laugh out loud while reading scripts,” said Michel Sharett, who has been filming for the past five weeks under the supervision of Alain DeRochers. With his main partners Sandrine Besson and Sam Eloy Girard, respectively his wife and son in the series.

“Happiness, we all run after that, because people are unhappy, and that’s what they want to portray there; everyone is trying to find a way out and has a void to fill,” the actor added.

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Sandrine Besson, for her part, revealed, “In addition to the pursuit of happiness, there is always a lack of ‘liquidity’ which puts pressure on the clan.”

Make happiness perfect

François Avard also considered leaving the city noise when he suffered from professional burnout in 2010.

“The biggest problem with the character of Michel Sharett is that he has an idea of ​​happiness, an ideal, but everything comes to sabotage his plans,” summed up the author, who wanted it. happiness Hit a lot of bets and “move the hut”.

“The almost natural caution in a pencil, I find unfortunate. We said to each other, Daniel and I: ‘Let’s go for it, say all we have to say.’”

Producer Fabien Laroche is happy to find François Avard’s piercing pen again, 15 years after the series ended bogons Five years after the movie was released Bojun’s voice.

François Avard is an observer of life and human nature. He is sarcastic, flexible, romantic as well, in short there is something for everyone. It’s a bit like bogons When the show went off the air, it was an outlet for the residents, and I think it will be the same happiness. »

Bruno Gagner’s absence from “Area 31”

Ms. Laroche confirmed that Detective Sergeant Bruno Gagnier would for some time escape from the plots District 31 To recover from his severe depression. This interruption in the daily life of ICI-Canada Télé radio allowed Michel Charette to film scenes Happiness.