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Hands are cuffed ... |  Montreal Magazine

Hands are cuffed … | Montreal Magazine

Dominic Ducharme generally maintains his cool after his team’s defeat. But he was feeling more emotionless, even at the end of his rope, within minutes of losing 4-0 to the Ottawa Senators.

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The author of these lines reminded him that after losing 4-1 to the flames on Wednesday he had spoken of having too many riders in the team. In a context where CH has once again managed to fall asleep offensively, would Ducharme want to make changes to his training?

“This is the third time I’ve been saying this,” he said grimly. I can’t make any changes to it. I can not do that. It’s simple and straightforward. If we see a possibility, I will. But I’ll repeat it, in the situation we find ourselves in, we cannot make any changes. ”

When Ducharme indicates the current situation, he is looking toward the salary ceiling.

A holding team currently does not have enough space to call a player from their reserve team. Ducharme said that Friday morning, but CH will have to wait for the affected person to make a change.

When asked if he was frustrated by his handcuffs, Ducharme provided the following answer.

We are in this together. He replied, “We will get out of it together.”

Merrill or Gustafson?

There is also another aspect to consider. Defenders John Merrill and Eric Gustafson have already been paid even if they find themselves in quarantine in a hotel room in Edmonton, where the Habes family will play the next two matches.

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If he wanted to stir his soup a little, Ducharme might turn to Merrill or Gustafsson v. Eulers.

There really is, there will be a change. Even if he made the trip to Western Canada, Cole Caufield would obviously have to wait before wearing the team uniform for the first time.

Bharat Gallagher

On the sidelines due to a fracture of his right thumb, Brendan Gallagher didn’t need surgery in the end. So the young winger can return to the match in time for repairs.

In his absence, CH now has a poor record of two wins and five losses.

“You can see the full potential of this team. But yes, there is a flip-flop, in short Ducharm. Galli brings energy, in addition to her game on ice, and she is infectious. It’s up to everyone to do their part. To put Galli spices into their game.”

Suppose that since April 5th, the date Gallagher was injured, there isn’t much spice left on the ice.