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Halo Infinite: Quick resume at the origin of the error, 343 Industries advises against it

Halo Infinite: Quick resume at the origin of the error, 343 Industries advises against it

available since last night, infinite aura He is currently the center of all players’ attention. It has to be said that it has been so long that we have been waiting to be able to embark on this new adventure alongside Master Chief, who The road to us will be more complicated than expected. Unfortunately, the complications are far from over for the 343 industries, which they indicated they were aware ofA series of bugs that affect the game when it is launched. One of them relates more specifically to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gamers, for whom The developers recommend not to use the quick resume function.

For good reason, the glitch affects Multiplayer mode, so far available for three weeks already, it’s still around. But this time, it’s the source of the rather annoying campaign mode problem. In fact, If you go through Quick Resume to get started in Halo Infinite, you will likely be disconnected from the servers And find yourself offline. A seemingly insignificant problem which, in fact, It means that Any cosmetics you collect from the armor cabinets during your game are not taken into account. To make matters even more annoying, once it’s picked up, It can’t be recovered after that.

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Until this error is resolved, So 343 Industries recommends that you always make sure you are connected to the internet when playing, and above all, go to your console menu to start the game.. If you encounter this issue, please be aware The developers are working on a way to give you your rewards retroactively. As a reminder, Halo Infinite is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC, as well as through Xbox Game Pass. She also has Won Game of the Year award in Category “Players’ Voices” des . game prizes, whose ceremony will take place tonight from 2 am (French time).