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Halo Infinite - How do you participate in flight tests?

Halo Infinite – How do you participate in flight tests?

While he was taking out infinite aura Approaching, 343 Industries teams have begun to deploy their test system. those Flight tests Bring several players together to discover a version of the game and provide feedback to the studio. It also allows developers to collect valuable data as well as find previously unknown bugs. This process has been demonstrated by the development of Hello MCC On PC and its seasonal system. The Technical preview from infinite aura conducted in July were the first of these flight tests of the new batch of licensing.

How do you participate in flight tests?

For each testing phase, 343 Industries will invite a certain number of players who have signed up for the program. Hello from the inside who agreed to participate. In order to be one of those eligible to receive an invitation, you will need to:

  • Register on the dedicated portal Hello from the inside Hello Insider | community | Hello official website
  • Confirm your registration in the email received after registration
  • Allow email to be sent to your address in your Halo Insider account preferences
  • Verify that your flight registration is correct

In order to allow the studio to have the most accurate information, you must validate each part individually. The site will ask you which console(s) you have, controllers, etc. This studio helps determine the relevance of your profile according to the job to be tested.

Attention, Even if your registration is valid, it is not guaranteed that you will be selected for the exam stages. Only 343 teams from industries know the selection criteria.

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I received my invitation for a flight test, so what now?

First of all, congratulations! This invitation can be found in two places: directly in the mailbox provided during registration, or in messages on Hello Waypoint. Information about the flight test will be sent to you by this means, as well as a guide for installing the game version.

You can now enjoy the game for the duration indicated in this message. During this period, 343 Industries invites participants to submit tickets to indicate problems they have encountered, no matter how severe. In fact, All important notes. After the test is over, a select group of players will receive a survey to complete to collect their feelings.

And the next flight test infinite aura, When ?

We do not know the date of the next flight test for Hello Infinite regardless of the wavealmostHowever, 343 Industries has indicated that it will take over the Tech Preview items by adding 4v4 PVP and Big Team Battle mode.

You can find the gameplay from Tech Preview for infinite aura below:

infinite aura It will be available on December 8, 2021. The multiplayer portion of the title will be free.

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