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Halo Infinite - Error downloading too much data

Halo Infinite – Error downloading too much data

Official Twitter account halo arc said today That the Drop Pod update expected for next month, August, will contain a bug resolution that is currently causing excessive data downloads in the multiplayer mode menus infinite aura.

How “excessive”? He’s a Reddit user Hello World Health Organization give me an answer : By examining the network usage of the game with Fiddler, the user wowisthatreal estimates that the over-consumption can reach 1.5GB of data each time the menu is opened. wowisthatreal also explains the reason for this excessive consumption: in the menus, the error causes a banner download season 2.

While waiting for the August Drop Pod to arrive, 343 industries Spread Correction on their servers with the aim of reducing the severity of the error. Players with low bitrates may continue to experience performance issues in the rolls. For those on a plan with limited data, it would be wise for them to monitor their data consumption if they want to play a multiplayer game infinite aura.

What other bugs would you like to fix in the August update?

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