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Halo Infinite: Corrupted Save Problem?  Here's how to avoid it |  Xbox One

Halo Infinite: Corrupted Save Problem? Here’s how to avoid it | Xbox One

There are still some adjustments to be made infinite aura On Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. Several players reported a corrupt issue in the last Master Chief op and not to worry, it seems a very simple precaution is enough to not encounter the problem.

Save corrupted at 0% progress in Halo Infinite

Amazement for owners infinite aura. For several hours, several members of the Halo forums have been reporting information that is far from encouraging: the game’s save file has become corrupt.

employment RESTERA99humanity tells us how the problem arose.

I was at the end of the penultimate PC game mission when I left it. Later while loading my saves to resume my game, I come across a ground-breaking third person perspective boss! I then went back to the main menu, and pressed continue or load game to start the countdown, but absolutely nothing happened.

My save file is now telling me the game is 0% complete and there’s nothing I can do, all my progress is gone.

One time I saw the Xbox login window pop up and hit “Let’s Go” to sign in. Do not do it. After doing some research, I found out that the login request may appear even though you are already logged in and that it corrupts the backup.

I didn’t think about it for a second when the message popped up. If you see this window, close it and don’t sign in.

Some tips to avoid this disaster

Since then, many similar testimonials have flooded the web, especially on the Halowaypoint forum, and since then 99humanity has offered some tips so you don’t fall in love with this nasty surprise. Below are the cases in which this double connection appears to occur.

  • When a second controller is connected
  • When the console disconnects and reconnects
  • When changing from a wired connection to a Bluetooth connection to the console
  • When you’re still signed in to Xbox while playing on PC and vice versa
  • When using Quick Resume on Xbox and playing another game with multiple people signed in to the same account
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99humanity hopes 343 Industries will quickly resolve the issue, though the developer has yet to respond.

If you prefer images over simple text, here’s a video of the bug showing up in the middle of the game. Feel free to let us know if you too have been a victim of this phenomenon.