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Halloween: Brits dress up as spinach to tease Liz's costume

Halloween: Brits dress up as spinach to tease Liz’s costume

The British have chosen a very original costume for the Halloween party on Monday, October 31. It’s a spinach. A disguise to represent former Prime Minister Liz Truss’ “head-to-head” loss against the vegetable tabloid Daily Star.

Everyone dresses like a salad. After receiving He resigned He became Prime Minister on 20 October, 45 days after he was appointed as the head of the British government. Liz dress He was the victim of some taunts on social media. The British never miss an opportunity to make fun of it.

Enjoy the partyHalloweenTaking place this Monday, October 31, some Brits have invented this year’s disguise: a spinach. Thus, on TikTok, internet users had fun showing off their disguises in short videos. And some have created a “tutorial” on how to make “Lis Truss Lettuce” well.

@floraegill Watch me keep coming more and more unstoppable! How to Dress a Liz Dress Like a Spinach # Lettuce #Halloween2022 #UKPolitics #Listrus # Lettuce #Halloween Original Sound – Flora E Gill

This means disguise Liz Truss Lost “Face to Face” Daily Star tabloid confronts the vegetable. Indeed, on Friday October 14, the British tabloid Daily Star A salad and a photograph of the Prime Minister were placed opposite a question: “Can Liz Truss survive this spinach?”.

As a result, Lis Truss lasted only six days compared to British newspaper spinach, which expired on the tenth day.

The tabloid “celebrated” its salad success, filming 24 hours a day starting Friday, serving a glass of sparkling wine and turning on the disco ball.