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Half Moon Run at the FEQ: 'It will be the show of our lives'

Half Moon Run at the FEQ: ‘It will be the show of our lives’

“During the pandemic, I was writing music, I was going to record it in the studio, I’d walk my dog, I’d go to the grocery store, I’d cook at home. I’ve been so used to this routine that it’s hard to imagine I’d be playing on a stage like Plains of Abraham.” »

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However, an important step in their careers is that Dylan Phillips and his partners/friends from Half Moon Run, Devon Portielje and Conner Molander, will cross, Sunday evening, during the closing evening of the 2022 Québec (FEQ) Festival.

Having roamed small venues, opened for Mumford & Sons, played in festivals around the world and delivered a magical evening in the Parc de la Francophonie, in 2016, at FEQ, the Montreal trio will face their biggest challenge on the Abraham Plains.

“We are very excited to be doing the show. Our families will come from all over the country. It will be the show of our lives,” admits Dylan Phillips, with whom Newspaper recently discussed.

Not like the Super Bowl

This concert was supposed to take place in 2020. Then Half Moon Run was scheduled on the plains, on a par with The National.

Pandemic later, The National no longer exists, and Half Moon Run, armed with the famous brand dedicated to Quebec artists making the plains, finds itself alone in the lead.

Just ? Not entirely. The band announced that Daniel Belanger and Les-sur-Polyais would attend the party, a fact Dylan Phillips was careful not to reveal at the time of the interview.

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However, the musician explained that with the help of Pilou in the play, Half Moon Run would like to recreate the intimate character who made her reputation on the show.

The difficulty on the big stage is to deliver such energy. This is where Pilou helped us find ways to maintain a sense of intimacy, but on a huge stage, so that the people in the back of the 80,000 crowd also feel connected to what’s happening on the stage. The idea isn’t to be like the Super Bowl halftime show. »

next album

Through it all, Half Moon Run finds time to get creative. The album is in the works and is expected to be released in 2023.

According to Dylan Phillips, a show like the Sunday Night Show would definitely have a positive impact on the band.

“I think it will put us on the right path, it’s Strengthen Confidence. I hope you continue in the right direction for the future. »

The Half Moon Run will take place on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. in the Plains of Abraham, preceded by Walk Off The Earth and Walk The Moon.