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Half-eaten great white shark discovered in Australia –

Half-eaten great white shark discovered in Australia –

The surprising discovery shook the community of Victoria, Australia, as the great white shark is considered one of the seas’ most feared predators.

3 meter great white shark

Residents nearby Victoria (Australia) made a disturbing discovery on a local beach last Tuesday. They found a big one White shark Almost three meters in size, half swallowed, related closely.
These facts shocked the community, as this shark is known for its power and ferocity, considered one of the most feared predators of the seas. Glass.

Orc attack

The discovery of this shark raised a question: What sea monster could do such a thing?
Ben Johnstone, owner of the fishing supply store “Portland Bait and Tackle”, was the first to discover it. He particularly supported the thesis of the attack of orcas. “I’m pretty sure they’re orcas, they kill sharks for their liver, that’s the part they eat“, he explained.
The fact that only the lower part of the shark was eaten supports this theory. In addition, local publications reported that a pod of orcas had been spotted in the area two days prior to the discovery.

Nine interactions between great white sharks and orcas

Not all experts share this view Lauren Mayer, a trophic ecologist at Flinders University. He noted that “.Not 100% clear“Orcas were behind the attack, although she acknowledges some people’s preference for liver. Sharks. However, the area was a “,” he recalls.Important corridor for great white sharks and hunting ground for orcas“.
In Australia And inside New ZealandNine interactions between great white sharks and orcas were recorded.

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