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Haitian singer Miccabine dies on stage in Paris

Haitian singer Miccabine dies on stage in Paris

Le chanteur haïtien Michael Benjamin, connu sous le nom de scène Mikaben, est décédé samedi soir lors d’un concert à l’Accor Arena de Paris, victime d’un malaise à l’âge de 41 ans, an annoncé dimanche la salle de Stage show.

Mikabene, who sang with the Haitian kumba band Carimi, He died after falling ill on stage, despite the intervention of emergency servicesthe Accor Arena team said on Twitter, telling themselves I was terribly touched through this news.

The ceremony was stopped and the room was evacuated, according to a number of testimonies.

According to the videos posted on social networking sites, the singer suddenly collapsed when he left the stage in full swing.

He was invited by the Carimi group, formed in 2000, on the occasion of a unique concert in France.

It is a great reference for Haitian music that has just died. The country and the Haitian youth have lost a beautiful soulHaitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry posted on Twitter on Sunday.

Born in Port-au-Prince in 1981 and the son of singer Lionel Benjamin, he was a singer, composer, and producer. He performed several hit songs with the band Carimi, including Baby I miss you where Fanm sa Move.

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