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Hailey Bieber: Stunning in a sexy backless dizzy dress, she puts — for once — everyone in agreement

Hailey Bieber is ready to leave the drama with Selena behind. Justin Bieber’s wife was accused of mocking Selena Gomez after a very unhappy story published at the end of February on Instagram, and Justin Bieber’s wife found herself being ridiculed on the Internet. And if, at first, the 26-year-old seemed to have nothing to do with the criticism, posing in a tiny bikini basking in the sun, the reality was actually much darker. Victim of constant and violent assaults, the young woman has lived very poorly this past month.

Hailey Bieber freaks out on Instagram in a stunning halter neck dress

So Hailey Bieber called Selena Gomez to get her support and try to put an end to this story. A few days ago, the two stars publicly buried the hatchet. Selena Gomez on her Instagram stories condemned the hate mail Hailey Bieber received, and the latter immediately thanked her on her account. To celebrate their reconciliation, the two women followed each other back on Instagram. Even Rudd’s cosmetics stylist loved the Rare Beauty founder’s latest post, a photo of Selena Gomez in a bikini.

Today, Hailey Bieber is turning her back on this dirty business in the most glamorous way. On Monday, March 27, the model got everyone to agree with her latest stunning look. In many photos shared on Instagram, the young woman is already breathtaking in a long backless dress that hides her game well, with a high collar and long sleeves, very wise. But when Hailey Bieber turned around, she revealed an amazing cleavage in her back. Not only does this bodycon dress fit Justin Bieber’s wife like a glove, enhancing her slender figure, but its cut that exposes the girl’s entire back is a very sexy detail that catches the eye. In the comments, the star was quickly showered with compliments.