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Guylaine Guay looks at his polarizing performance at Big Brother Celebrities: 'It's a brave act in itself'

Guylaine Guay looks at his polarizing performance at Big Brother Celebrities: ‘It’s a brave act in itself’

After a fierce struggle inside the house Celebrity Big Brother By the two candidates placed in the block last week, it was Guylaine Guay who had to leave the adventure on Sunday, relayed by glowing comments from her rivals. This show made a show of less fire, which did not fail to capture the reactions of the audience. Many found it frankly amusing, while others thought it was too strategic. In the aftermath of its release, we had the opportunity to speak with Guylaine, who is returning to reality with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

She first talks about the good feelings she has with her game partners: “ I am glad to see that the audience was able to reach this love. We don’t kill each other, it’s a game. We think about it 24 hours a day, and we don’t have any entertainment other than ourselves, so it’s pretty intense there. »

She continues, noting some of the challenges she faced: Of course, being fat and deciding to go to the Big Brother Celebrities, being 52, is a brave act in itself. I knew what I was going to get into, but you obviously have all kinds of adventures and life trials. As for me, I had nearly twice the life experience as everyone else in the house, so it definitely made me experience things that made me a world of good. It was really a very restorative experience for me, on a physical level only. I, the sport, it’s a nephew… I do Nordic walking on my own, but training in front of an Olympian, it never occurred to me. There, I did it and Hugo was my personal trainer. I found work: “You’re really strong, you’re strong, you’re muscular,” Hugo told me. Bring back the coat of arms. I got out of there with a desire to train like I had never before. The best thing about this adventure is that you can be strong one minute and the next minute you can be totally weak. We have incredible support! »

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To see how she would compose and would compose with the comments of viewers, who were sometimes harsh towards her, in this return to normalcy, Guylaine Guay tells us: At first, it sure must have been difficult. My friend was the one running my social networks… I don’t want to know everything, but I pretty much know what’s being said, and what happened. I have no control over what people experience, see, understand or perceive. I’m at home, 24 hours a day, and I have to survive. I play my life. So, really, I have no control over that. Me, I stay with what I’ve experienced…People sure aren’t used to seeing me in something maybe a little more polarizing than usual. But I’m 52, and I’m a liberated woman. I’m a good woman and that’s what I’ve shown on screen and I wouldn’t change a thing. »

We will remember it Veronique Cloutier defended her great friendreceived a flurry of hateful comments, reminding everyone that this is a game: ” Well yes! Veeru is my friend, you have followed me diligently to big brother. She told me I played like a queen. It’s important to remember that it’s a game, no one hates me about it. I, I left a few days ago and indeed, all the guys who left before me wrote to me. […] I’ll keep those links, because we just understand what we’re talking about. Yes, it is a game. If people immerse themselves in the game, it is much better, it means that it works. »

We can find Guylaine Guay together with Véronique Cloutier and its partners at Vero and the wonderful to red. Likewise, Guillen will quietly resume her activities as an author, speaker, comedian and presenter, with a zeal we know.

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