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Guy Laliberte posted the strangest Valentine's Day message in history

Guy Laliberte posted the strangest Valentine’s Day message in history

Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte has left many netizens confused about his latest Instagram post.

First of all, it is important to note that Laliberté has recently developed an infatuation with frogs.

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On his DJ Instagram page (another of his passions), we can already see that he is part of a group called The Frog Collective and that he collects frog dogs.

We’ll be publishing a more complete article on the topic soon, but for now, let’s focus on this sweet Valentine’s Day message posted on Monday.

In the about a minute video, we can see Guy Laliberte, in a heavenly setting, seated at the end of a long table where several guests are seated, all in front of them a glass of green liquid.

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Guests are not human. They are frog dogs.

Laliberte then sets off on a soliloquy wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to “all the lovers of the earth”.

“In the frog community, love is very, very important. This is why we celebrate Valentine’s Day together, face to face,” explains the man behind the One Drop Foundation.

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Then he announced that he wanted to share his love for a certain Yiyi, but there is a problem because Yiyi drinks and eats so much that he can’t stand it all year long.

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Then we realize Yiyi is a big stuffed teddy bear.

Screenshot / Instagram guylalibertedj

In short, we don’t understand anything.

We still wish Guy Laliberté and all Earth and Frog lovers a very happy belated Valentine’s Day.

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