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Guinness wants to brew the famous black beer

Guinness wants to brew the famous black beer

Guinness wants to give dark beer a greener hue: The Irish brewer announced on Wednesday the launch of a pilot agricultural program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from suppliers of malt, a key ingredient in the drink.

During the first phase of this regenerative farming project, Guinness plans to collaborate this year with 40 farms in Ireland to grow this grain used to make barley.

Le program prévu sur trois ans sera ensuite étendu, avec pour objectif d’améliorer la santé des sols, accroître la biodiversité, réduire le recours aux engrais synthétiques et stimulus les revenus des a pculteurmés du brasseurmage, statment.

“This (program) pilot is the first of its kind to be implemented by Diageo and the results will reveal other potential opportunities, in Ireland but also in other countries where we get the raw materials,” said John Kennedy, President of Diageo Europe.

It is part of the group’s strategy to decarbonize its operations by 2030.

For Walter Furlong Jr., a farmer involved in the project, “the biggest advantage of renewable agriculture is the simplicity of its approach” because it “works in harmony with nature while providing a commercial advantage to farmers.”

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