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Guests of the week at Tout le monde en parle

Guests of the week at Tout le monde en parle

Figure skater and Olympic gold medalist Parrot Max He will appear on JA LePage on Sunday to discuss his experience and talk about his battle with cancer.

Eric Doehme, the leader of the Quebec Conservative Party, will also be there. It will certainly be a matter of by-election in Marie Victorin, where candidate Anne Caspon is running.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau He will talk with the host about his capsules on mental health, which are broadcast on the digital platforms of ELLE Québec and ELLE Canada.

Marilou He will present his documentary series In other words: at workavailable on ICI

Norman Brathwaite And Frederic Pierre will approach Once it turns blacka documentary film about humor carried by black comedians from Quebec.

Finally, to talk about the situation in Ottawa, David Morin, co-holder of the UNESCO Chair in Preventing Extremism and Violent Extremism and Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, as well as Boris Proulx, Parliamentary Correspondent for Le Devoir in Ottawa will be on the board.

Everyone Talks About It airs Sundays at 8pm on ICI Télé.

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