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Guests of the week are all talking about her

Guests of the week are all talking about her

as we might expect, Sebastien Delorme And Genevieve Brouillette will be among the guests Everyone is talking about itThis Sunday, October 10, let’s go back to it The sudden end of their characters in a District 31.

He will also bring one of the group’s previous daily Luc Dionne headlines, Magalie Lépine-BlondeauBut to discuss the new series no date, available on ICI Extra. Find out our opinion on this new proposal here.

Resident and PhD in Pharmacology Mathieu Nadeau ValleyAnd Who cleverly deconstructed the arguments of Anne Caspon Regarding the current vaccination campaign against COVID-19, he will talk about its side of the battle he is fighting on social networks against misinformation.

Comedian, author and host Guilin Guay He will talk about the show Families like any other family, broadcast on AMI-Télé.

Professors will receive Guy A. libage Pierre Trudel (from UdeM Public Law Research Center) and Melanie Millet (From UQAM Social and Public) to talk about Facebook, and the outage that hit the social network earlier this week.

Finally, the music show of the week will be presented by formation Salebarbes, who will also present his latest albums, salt water ginIt was published last August.

Everyone Talks About It airs Sundays at 8pm on ICI Télé.

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