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Les sapeurs pompiers du Gard toujours à la manœuvre pour aider les autres.

Guarded firefighters vaccinated in the Diderot space in Nîmes

The Rapid Immunization Center opens this Tuesday in Espace Diderot, in the Valdegur region of Nimes. He will work under the supervision of firefighters no date Until Friday. A joint initiative of the county and the administrative delegation of the Regional Health Agency is organized with the support of the Gard County Council, keen to reach all audiences, the so-called “going towards” approach.

“We couldn’t be closer.”

The digital divide, the difficulty of mobility, the language barrier“, many have gone through the vaccination paddle. Even a temporary center in the heart of the district is an opportunity to seize. Up to 140 people can be vaccinated per day in Diderot Space, a participatory health approach. The associations have been closely associated with “Try to convince as many people as possible.

“Listen, understand, reassure.”

It is planned to establish a vaccination center in an area of ​​the city of Nîmes Bring vaccination closer to the population In the process of “going towards”. Fill in the blank if the population is sometimes in isolation or ‘Embarrassed by the language barrier“.

Fatima, who was alerted by a poster in the shopping center in her area, after much hesitation, fired herself. “I was still a little scared of all that was said“.this mother came to a family who will resume her work to Espace Diderot,”Rest assured to welcome and listenwho received her there.

Quality welcome and listening rest assured. © Radio France
Ludovic Labastro

This center will operate from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. using the Moderna messenger RNA vaccine. People should bring their own Identity document and bio card.