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GTA 6 will have a female main character

GTA 6 will have a female main character

GTA 6 announced that it will feature a female character, the first of its kind in the series. Watch everything you need to know about the new game from the popular Rockstar franchise here.

(Featured image credit: Rockstar)

Grand Theft Auto 6’s development was much slower than fans of the series would have liked. But this time frame has allowed the developers to step back and (hopefully) offer something that clearly sets it apart from its predecessors. After a change of direction at Rockstar in 2019 and the departure of Dan Houser, who served as creative director for several games prior to his departure, it’s not surprising to see the studio go down a different path.

Now here’s what you should know about the upcoming GTA title if you’re a big fan of the series!

female main character

The game will feature a female character for the first time! She will be a Hispanic woman and one of a pair of central characters in a story influenced by legendary bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. The developers also mentioned their intention to respect the character’s Latin origins. GTA games in the past have sometimes been recognized for their inappropriate jokes towards certain communities, something they don’t want to repeat in this new version.

the card

The game will offer players a city to explore based on sunny Miami and its surroundings. The new map is also supposed to be more lively and exploratory than it was in previous titles in the series, which is why Rockstar will be adding plenty of places to visit inside. This decision certainly increased development time, but fans should have a lot more to explore upon release.

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In addition, the studio promises to update the map content on a regular basis. This includes new places, but also new tasks to complete. Hopefully, this will allow the studio to avoid a lot of downtime in the months leading up to the game’s release. The game will still be loaded with content when it’s released, and you shouldn’t get bored between these updates.

Not two years ago

Some analysts expect the release of Grand Theft Auto VI for the fiscal year 2024 which runs between April 2023 and March 2024. However, the developers are skeptical. The game, which has been in development since 2014, will take at least another two years of development work before it is ready for release. A release date has not been announced yet, but we can conclude that there is at least two years of work behind the game.

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