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GTA 5 Online: GTA + Discover May Rewards

GTA 5 Online: GTA + Discover May Rewards

It was last March that rock games Announced and formalized the arrival of a paid subscription for its flagship Grand Theft Auto 5, the latter of which has been called GTA +. If it’s only available on next generation consoles, like PS5 and Xbox Series, it still offers some insignificant benefits like GTA$ or even exclusive vehicles.

Whoever says May necessarily says new rewardsAnd that’s what awaits you if you have a GTA + subscription.

While Grand Theft Auto 5 hit next-gen consoles last March, it appears Rockstar Games have made some improvements to their PS5 and Xbox Series players.

Free vehicle, HSW upgrade and motivation with GTA +

GTA + Perks Allow This May Benefit from a new car, the Grotti Brioso R/Acompact and agile car during Reckless update to the end. To get your hands on it, check out the Southern San Andreas Super Autos dealer web page.

On the other hand, if you bring your car to order, you can Enjoy promotion from Hao’s Special Workswhich will allow you to modify it extensively with elite equipment, and they will also be able to give it a new look with two free HSW designs.

Rockford Hills Agency

Thanks to the GTA + subscription, You can redeem the Rockford Agency for free which will allow you to unlock the missions available since the last update with The Contract. These will take you directly to searching for Dr. Dre’s Stolen Music which includes Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, Anderson Buck, among others.

To start this, You will have to answer Lamar’s call who will then present you with a new career opportunity With Franklin, go to Dynasty 8 Executive to claim your property in Rockford Hills.

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Free clothes, accessories and more


For fashion lovers, here’s something to rejoice in. A special collection focusing on red will join your wardrobepaired with a pair of XXL glasses, red wrist cuffs and a red arabesque inner jacket.

Finally, to match your cars, GTA + subscribers will also get free Übermacht Cypher . red split camouflage pattern In any car workshop.

GTA $ and RP rewards in GTA Online

Throughout the month of May, Security contracts will award Double GTA $. To do this, go to your agency’s computer and perform the various tasks on offer such as searching for valuables, performing daring rescues, protecting priceless goods and more.

+ 50% GTA$ & RP on Sale Missions at Nightclub Warehouse

If you are the head of a nightclub, then this news will please you. All merchandise sales will give you GTA $ and RP X1.5 Bonuswhich is an additional 50% GTA$ and RP.

Double GTA $ & RP in Kart Krash Adversary Mode

Crash Card: It’s a ballwhich is the opponent mode in which armed Dinka Veto compete in teams or in various forms for free, you will get net rewards Double GTA $ & RP For all GTA+ subscribers during this month’s event.