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“Group Trip”: Behind the scenes of the musical “Pub Royal”

“Group Trip”: Behind the scenes of the musical “Pub Royal”

backstage Royal Tavern, the Cowboys Fringants musical comedy, has no relation to comedy or musical shows. There are about twenty performers of all types, each with their own practice mat and several costumes. QMI spoke with them before they went on stage.

Backstage, we find the same fun and same solidarity that animated the Cowboys Fringants on stage among the musical's 20 performers, dancers and circus performers.

Photos by Maud Lareen Kiran, QMI Agency

“It wouldn't be the same if it wasn't a gang story,” says dancer Gabrielle Roy.

Photos by Maud Lareen Kiran, QMI Agency

Inspired by the world of the legendary Quebec group, Royal Tavern It captures the songs from Cowboys Fringants that have captured the imagination. The show, produced by Les 7 Fingers de la Main and La Tribu, combines acting, singing, dancing and circus.

Unwavering support unites the band members until the last moment before the curtain rises, at which point they establish a tradition.

“Everyone hugs everyone before the show. That's 19 hugs, and some of them are in a specific order,” explains Alexia Jourde, who plays La Catherine, the barmaid at the Royal Bar.

Photos by Maud Lareen Kiran, QMI Agency

Strict preparation

Behind the scenes, preparations vary from one artist to another. On the one hand, some people use the minutes during which they put on makeup to have a moment of calm.

This is the case of Alexia Jourde. “I always take time to focus, review notes, connect with my role, and my body. Then comes the meeting, everyone together before the show.

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On the other hand, a duo of acrobats warms up by practicing their tricks on the blue carpets installed behind the stage. We see all the trust that must exist between them.

Photos by Maud Lareen Kiran, QMI Agency

“My life is on the line and I am confident that he will save it for me every night,” says Theo Le Baute, the duo’s defensive lineman.

Main logistics services

Combining so many disciplines on stage requires a wealth of equipment, stored in dozens of large boxes. Each accessory is essential and finds its place on stage as well as in the shadows to ensure the smooth running of the show.

“It's a challenge everywhere, depending on the space you have on stage. There are also security issues, ensuring everything is accessible, but we have spaces to move around,” explains Didier Bergeron, sound engineer.

“It's very important in theater as well […] “If your insert is not in the right place, it can affect the staging,” explains Alexia Gourd.

Costumes also present a major logistical challenge for music Royal Tavern. Dresser Mélodie Goulet has to manage at least forty garments.

She also has a duty to remain alert throughout the performance in case something goes wrong on stage.

“If a stuntman rips his pants, I'm always ready with another pair to help him change so he can turn around on the Internal training“, she reveals.

Royal Tavern, the musical comedy by Cowboys Fringants, will be touring throughout Quebec until next year. The band will also perform in Europe in April 2025.

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