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Gregory Charles talks about the candidates at risk on Star Academy

Gregory Charles talks about the candidates at risk on Star Academy

This Sunday, Eloi Cummings, Jérémy Plante and Sarah-Maude Desgagné will give everything they have to hold their place in the star Academy. Gregory Charles tells us why they are at risk and what they can do to win the approval of their teachers and the public.

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Jeremy Blunt

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Jeremy sang us a nice version of hello loversby Joe Dassin. There were no slips or crashes, but since four of them showed up for evaluation, including Kristel who sang well, Jeremy found himself in danger. This does not mean that he has nothing to sharpen his performance. He has things to improve in terms of his pronunciation, the phrasing of his story, and the accuracy of his voice. He happened to be so comfortable with his verses that he missed the beginning of the choirs. But I repeat, it was far from a disaster. We all feel it has improved since the beginning of the adventure. Jeremy, when the light comes on, it vibrates! »

Eloy Cummings

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“Eloy tends to leave his story behind. He is also used to enjoying the joy of singing, and at times, this makes him forget that he has a job to do. You have to sing, but you also have to sing in harmony! We explained Look ‘out my back door, from Creedence Clearwater Revival, and because he is young, he gave us a somewhat copied version of the original. He hasn’t yet put a lot of personal stuff into his interpretations. Having said that, he wasn’t an outcast, although his English was a bit wonky. Eloi is instinctive and still young and not used to receiving negative comments. The whole college wants him to put in some effort to put him in danger this week.”

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Sarah Maud Desjani

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Sarah-Maud arrived at the assessment tired, but enduring a little torment. She still blames herself for forgetting her words to Stromae and being a little attached to her. But she must understand that show must go on And that there is nothing older than the previous day’s show! explained to us Mama’s eyesby Kendji Girac. For her, too, it wasn’t wrong in any way, but she was there sometimes and other times it wasn’t. She was also a little in a hurry to give birth. Basically, it wasn’t very focused, and I understand why. However, she must clear her pain and misery by Sunday to move forward. I’m not too worried, because she knows when to light up. I expect her to return to that energy quickly.”

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