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Greens since yesterday in Cameroon

Greens since yesterday in Cameroon

The special flight of the national team landed at approximately 9:40 pm at Douala Airport in Cameroon after a flight that took more than five hours from the Qatari capital, Doha. The Algerian delegation took the road directly to the hotel where they will be accommodated during CAN.

That’s it, the Algerian commando who will start his first match in the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon against Sierra Leone arrived in the Cameroonian city of Douala yesterday evening. Back to the Greens’ journey in this information cart.

The Greens boarded the flight from Doha at 3:37 pm.

The Algerian delegation boarded a special flight from Air Algerie. Flight number is AH4851. The Greens left Doha airport where the team conducted their training period at CAN in Cameroon at 3:37 pm to arrive in Khartoum. Nice atmosphere on board with will to hell and great determination to defend the trophy.

One hour stop in Khartoum

After a nearly three-hour flight, the Algerians landed at Khartoum airport at 6:04 pm Sudan time. They were forced to spend an hour at Sudan’s airport, enough time for the plane to fill up with kerosene before resuming the flight to reach the Cameroonian city of Douala.

9:40 pm, the plane landed on the runway of Douala Airport

After a long journey, the African champions have reached their destination. Tiredness was evident on the faces. The players were happy to finally arrive in Cameroon. They now understand that their title defense campaign has begun.

What is at the reception?

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Algeria’s ambassador to Cameroon, Boumediene Mahe, was present at Douala airport to welcome Bellaili and others. He wished the Algerians luck as he hoped to see them as in 2019 in the CAN final with the cup at the end to excite the 40 million Algerians behind them.

An uproar at the green reception

As with all the selections that have arrived in Cameroon, the Algerian fans were given a warm welcome by the African champions yesterday evening when they landed at Douala Airport. In addition, FIFA officials have prepared everything so that the African champions avoid any contact with the outside world and pressure as soon as they get off the bus, and return to the waiting room for the transfer to the AFC.

Customs procedures took an hour

The African champions were surprised to wait at Douala airport, where they stayed for an hour to complete customs procedures. Some players like Soleimani did not speak up, declaring: “Have other teams been treated the same?” , said the Greens’ top scorer, but the Algerian diplomatic representatives present reassured that all teams had undergone this procedure at Douala airport.

Mahrez is most wanted by Cameroonian police officers in the Pakistani armed forces

The Cameroonian police were very happy when the Greens descended on the PAF to complete entry procedures on Cameroonian soil. Mahrez was most wanted by the Cameroonian police officers who took pictures with him.

10:44 PM, direction ONOMO Hotel

After completing customs formalities at Douala Airport, Amhar Belmadi took the road to Onomo Hotel to actually rest from the flight before handling the serious matters awaiting them on Tuesday. The African champion arrived in Douala to defend his title. The companions of the first African and Arab champion Ras Mbulhi land in Cameroon with one idea, which is to destroy everything in their path and make people feel proud as they did in 2019.

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