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Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme: “Polluter Pay Principle”, Plague of Nadu Dubois

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme: “Polluter Pay Principle”, Plague of Nadu Dubois

The Quebec parliamentary leader accuses Solidere of the environment minister of wanting to pay polluters to help them reduce greenhouse gases by 1% or 2%. He argues with a plan that “solves no problem”.

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On Thursday, Quebec will release its new version of its greenhouse gas reduction plan.

Our parliamentary office revealed this morning that the amounts allocated to the industrial sector will rise from $768 million to $1.3 billion so that major factories can transform polluting production methods to more environmentally friendly production methods.

Gabriel Nadeau Dubois complained that “the Minister of the Environment will sign on behalf of the taxpayer, on behalf of the Quebec taxpayer, a check for $300 million for the largest polluter in the province of Quebec,” believing that he is a very poor person. Use of public funds. “In Quebec, we should apply the polluter pays principle. What Benoit Charette tells us is that he will apply the polluter pays. It makes no sense.”

According to him, the government should focus on helping sectors of the future to be less polluting, such as aluminum, biofuels and the battery sector.

‘not enough’ goal

In addition to the amounts added to the industrial sector, the Ministry of Environment indicates that it can reduce emissions by 15.9 million tons and achieve 51% of its target.

Once again, Quebec Solidere says the minister is “proud” to announce that he will “sadly miss his already insufficient targets for greenhouse gas reductions”.

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“51%, 1% is more than half the target. It’s an insult to future generations,” said Nadeau Dubois. Young Quebecers suffer greatly from environmental anxiety. There is a couple who will not do well when they read that they are under the environment minister who is doing his best to reach half the target. Which science considers largely insufficient.

Parti Quebecoa Sylvain Goudreau also believes that “in light of the information” reported by our parliamentary office, this is a “bad plan”.

“It only offers half the means to reach 100% of the goals, when we really have to move forward,” said the MP for Jonquière, adding that the CAQ government lacked ambition.

Quebec’s government lacks ambition. We need 100% of the actions to achieve 100% of the goals. But we also need a dashboard to know where we’re going.

no reward

The government also indicated that it refuses to impose additional fees on the purchase of polluting vehicles in its new measures to reduce greenhouse gases. This reward type measure was very dear to the Parti Québécois.

According to the information we have, there will be no. When the Minister tells us that motorists are already paying … it is clearly not enough to switch from the “single car” to public transport to reduce the purchase of high-emission vehicles, such as vans or SUVs”, said Mr. Sylvain Goudreau.

And the environment minister, Benoit Charette, sees this as a “wrong good idea” because the owners of these vehicles are already paying their contribution to the pump, due to the gas tax.