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Green marine technologies are in focus at COVE, Nova Scotia

The Center for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) is housed in a former Coast Guard building in Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, and is now at the center of Canadian marine technology development.

After five years of existence in the midst of a global pandemic, coverage It welcomes 65 local and international companies and has a waiting list.

These companies are involved in research related to sea level rise, ocean floor mapping, marine energy production and shipping sustainability, among others.

The search was carried out in coverageabout climate change such as defense and security, affecting the entire countrysays Melanie Nadeau, managing director of the group.

One of its goals is to help the marine industries go green.

a resident company, Kraken robotsDeveloped underwater drones equipped with sonar and laser sensors. Delicate designanother resident, makes coatings that allow pieces of scientific equipment to withstand the pressure of the depths.

We create and test tools to improve the sustainability of the fishing and algae production sectorsexplained Flora salvoproject manager at Merinov. to coverageWe have access to everything we need for research and development.

international influence

Prime Minister of Nova Scotia, Tim HoustonI noticed an interest in him coverage during his international visits.

We have many gems in Nova Scotia and coverage It is definitely onehe commented. More and more the world is aware of Nova Scotia’s potential.

It was this reputation and the innovative capabilities of the city of Halifax that caught the attention of the cityNATO.

The Nova Scotia capital is among the candidates to host the North American Regional Office of the Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic region (Diana).

Melanie Nadeau, Executive Director of the Center for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), on April 13, 2023 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Downtown Halifax can be seen in the distance behind. Photo: The Canadian Press/Darren Calabrese

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This will create dozens of new jobs inNATOIt will provide funding for research and give local companies the opportunity to commercialize their technologies for both civilian and military uses.

the program Diana It draws on the expertise of our resident companies and allows them to go to more than thirty countries if they are looking for solutions to problems they may face.Mrs. Nadeau explained. It could be anything from quantum computing to clean technology to artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

But Nadeau said one of the biggest challenges in the marine technology sector is finding workers.

This labor shortage affects multiple disciplines: People think about the ocean and they think about science, but we need people in business, engineering, computer science, and marketing […] It is very interdisciplinary.