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Great show and strength under the hood… YouTuber Verdict

“When I launched the Vivobook, the effect was amazing as soon as I set my eyes on the screen! I was amazed by the depth of the black and the vibrant colors.”

Charlotte, 27, an editor by training, has practiced her talents in person for 4 years, as the host of the YouTube channel Cailbel, on which she posts her videos every week. An opportunity for her to express her passion for high technology through hands-on sequencing or opening the package.

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Charlotte, you’ve been swapping out your device for an ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED for a few days now, what are your first impressions?

For my Kaelbel channel, I shoot and edit one video a week with an old Macbook Pro from 2017. When I launched the Vivobook, it was such a cool effect as soon as I laid eyes on the screen! I thought my usual device offered a very good picture, but I’ve never had a chance to work on an OLED screen with that quality. I was really amazed by the depth of the black and the vibrant colours.

Is screen quality important to your editing activity?

Whenever I deal with editing a video, without being an expert, I necessarily go through the colorimetric phase to make some basic adjustments, give a bit of vibrancy to the image and make sure the blacks are really black, and really white. For this, I use the tools available in the editing program Premiere Pro of the Adobe suite. With the OLED display of ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED and all its colorimetric certification [NDLR, Pantone avec une couverture 100% du spectre DCI-P3], I have complete confidence. In any case, the result is visible to the naked eye: the colors are more realistic on this screen and the black and white ones are on top.

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During assembly, did the ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED live up to your expectations?

Again, the 16-inch screen, which is much larger than my typical 13-inch computer, really made it easier for me. The power of this Vivobook Pro and the large RAM [NDLR, 16 Go de LPDDR4 intégrés, jusqu’à 32 Go possible] It also allowed me to work more comfortably, by doing editing with full visualization, in full screen mode. Usually to prevent my machine from paddling too much, I have to limit my viewing to a quarter. With ASUS, everything became more fluid, it worked without display limitations and without slowing down.

Asus vivobook pro 16X you

On a daily basis, are gains in rest quantifiable?

Even though I make “fairly simple” edits every week with Premiere Pro, without using a lot of special effects or transitions, and limit my use of Photoshop to creating thumbnails, I still need a fairly efficient device. The Vivobook Pro saved me time that far exceeded my expectations. From a rush of about forty minutes, I produced a video of about eleven minutes. And it only took me about ten minutes to export that 1 GB file, which is frankly convenient! On the other hand, when I fire up an export with Premiere Pro, the blowers are usually fully activated, I get the impression my machine will fire up. So the silent work of the Vivobook, thanks to its fans and efficient power, came as a really pleasant surprise. Thanks to these two things, I no longer feel like the computer is at the end of its life. And I can even follow other tasks in parallel, in Photoshop for example. Another time saver!

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What do you think of the Vivobook Pro 16X OLED equipment?

I generally liked the Vivobook’s sleek, compact design, even though I don’t have to move around with it. The keyboard is very comfortable because it is quite large, with the addition of the numeric keypad which saves me a lot of time. It has an original side with its keys in different colors. The built-in fingerprint reader is very responsive, and it also saves me having to methodically type in my pin code!

Does the ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED offer useful unexpected functions for your business?

I think what really surprised me was the endless possibilities for customization that this Vivobook offers. You can adjust everything to your liking, from the intensity of ventilation to the intensity of blue light to reduce eye strain. Dialpad is also a great idea, which again allows for a great deal of customization, saving time. It is a small light wheel that can be activated instinctively and displayed simultaneously on the touchpad and screen. In video editing, everyone has their own habits and uses certain functions more than others. It is then possible to configure Dialpad to put your favorite shortcuts at your fingertips. I find this ASUS-specific concept very nice and can be perfectly integrated into the assembly process to gain speed.

Asus vivobook pro 16X you

This article was written in partnership with ASUS.