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Super Rugby. L'Australie innove et va expérimenter les ''ballons connectés''

Great rugby. Australia will discover innovations and test “connected balloons”

Attached balloon? Do you not believe in it? Still, this is it Super Rugby In the coming weeks. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that ‘ball tracking technology’ designed by a former NASA scientist will be used in Super Rugby matches between Australian teams from this weekend. Then Rugby Australia has signed a deal with London-based technology company Sportable. Meeting between Insurgents And this Prampies It is now over (36-17 Brumbies win) so I tested this new technology first WeeksWestern Force Sunday. The first in a long series? Definitely. Yes, but what does it contain, can you tell us? Well, to integrate a chip into balls, it transmits a lot of data directly to each team staff, i.e. its movement, speed, distance, and stop time in the air when the ball is kicked. , Etc..

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The Cindy Morning Herald says this will be the first time. “Connected balls” have already been tested in training in the UK or during low-level meetings, but not during professional competition.. Eight beacons will be placed in the stadiums, and the chip, which weighs a few grams, will be fitted into the ball bladder and then interact with the sensors about 20 times per second. Dr. Pete Hussmeyer, Chief Technology Officer, Sportable, said:We are going to introduce a lot of things over time in Super Rugby. But, let’s start with the simple, easily digestible figures, which shed light on things that might surprise fans and have no information today.”. See if this is it Test Will be the result.

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