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Great Britain orders: Union Jack must be blown up in all government buildings

The UK government has announced that the UK national flag will soon fly over all government buildings.

The government has informed ministries and local governments that the flag will be hoisted every day, not just on special occasions such as the opening of Parliament and the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

“People rightly expect Union Jack to blow up on city and government buildings across the country as a symbol of our regional and national identity,” said Home Secretary Robert Genrik.

Raising the national flag is less common in the United Kingdom than in some other countries, such as the United States.

But since Boris Johnson was elected Prime Minister in December 2019, Union Jack has been increasingly seen as an omnipotent backdrop for interviews with government ministers from their offices or homes.

Its growing visibility is part of a government campaign to emphasize the unity of the United Kingdom at a time when support for Scottish independence is growing. The red, white and blue Union flag brings together the emblems of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, forming the United Kingdom along with Wales.

Some Britons are embarrassed by the display of patriotism or the flag’s association with the British Empire and Brexit.

Under the new rules, any government building wishing to fly the EU flag will require special permission. The government says it will remove the rules that “allow the EU flag to be hoisted on public buildings without permission after leaving the EU.”

However, the new rules do not apply to Northern Ireland. There, the setting of British and Irish flags is a very important topic subject to complex rules.

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