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Govt closes the border between Mexico and the United States

Govt closes the border between Mexico and the United States

Report – For eighteen months, the life of a Tijuana resident was a habit of moving from one country to another.

From our Special Correspondent in Tijuana

Louis Rodriguez grew up in Tijuana, the last Mexican city before California. His whole family is Mexican. But he still has a US passport. “Here, the notion that we have the best opportunities in the United States is very firm, Says 27-year-old Brewer. My parents moved in a few months before I was born and stayed until my mom was born in a private clinic.

At the age of 11, he went to college in Sula Vista, the nearest town to the border. Most of his comrades are Mexican. During high school, he lived with his aunt in San Diego for two years and came home to his parents every weekend.

It is a thirty minute drive from San Diego Tijuana. Before the epidemic, the two cities were inseparable – like many on the border. On the Mexican side, the locals spray Spanish on English. They are accustomed to living on horseback, working, consuming, and studying

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