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Govt-19: UK volunteers admit to being contagious again as research progresses

Govt-19: UK volunteers admit to being contagious again as research progresses

Research trying to find a way to deal with it Corona virus Govt-19 infection Keep going. Scientists in particular are predicting a new wave of more serious epidemics, so the importance of predicting what will happen … to do this, It has already been acknowledged that people with COVID-19 are re-infected with the virus. This is in the context of clinical trials on the immune responses of former patients.

The medical tests were announced May 19 by the University of Oxford In a press release : A spokesperson, Helen McShane, Professor of Vaccines, Sixty people between the ages of 18 and 30 pointed out to be volunteering COVID-19 Infection. Everyone has the specialty of being already infected with a virus during an outbreak.

How does it happen?

It has been reported that 50% of each volunteer will be tested in two phases: the first step is to read and study the minimum dose that allows the virus to infect people, but without causing symptoms. During the second phase, This minimum dose will be given to the second group of former patients.

In all cases, there will be volunteers Again affected with the original strain (Wuhanin). They will then be kept in a special package in the hospital, in isolation for two weeks. Everyone will benefit from a year of rigorous and controlled medical follow-up. The goal is to follow up on how the disease progresses, but specifically how Medicine And Vaccines Act again against the characters infected with the virus.

Helen McShane He said these clinical trials and follow-ups may help “To design tests that can accurately predict whether people [réinfectées] Are protected “. “This study has the potential to change our understanding of providing high quality data.”, And added Shobana Balasingham, Senior Vaccine Research Consultant at Welcome Trust, the company that funds the experiments used in the study. So the researchers put a lot of faith in this study. We look forward to hearing more about the results!

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