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Govt-19: “Thousands” of undiagnosed cancers in the UK

Thousands of people are not consulted with the symptoms of cancer due to infection. According to experts, this fall in cancer tests is a “Time bomb”.

Since the end of March, more than 350,000 people in the UK have shown signs of cancer but have not been urgently hospitalized for COVID-19 infection.The company’s latest figures have been announced Cancer Research UK. Recent analysis of NHS UK It shows that from March last year to January this year only 1.8 million cancer tests were done by general practitioners. This is 16% less than in the past.

This reduction in preventive and prophylactic counseling is one of the co-damages of the Govit-19 infection. Many patients were more or less led to ignore mild symptoms and did not seek medical advice for fear of contracting the virus.

Experts say it is declining. “Shocking“It simply came to our notice then that thousands of cancers could not be treated in a timely manner. This can cause a “setback” in the lifetime of dealing with the disease, a scene that has not been heard of for decades. “The cancer sector has been hit hard by the Govt-19 crisis (…) We are very concerned about those who have symptoms that do not come to us.Says Managing Director Michael Mitchell Cancer Research UK.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and NHS Director of Oncology Peter JohnsonWarning bell”By the condition of the newspaper The Times. Chris Thomas, researcher‘Public Policy Research Institute (IPPR), the fall of counseling from the onset of the epidemic is a “Time bomb for cancer cases”And announces“A decade of disruption to health services”, Unless urgent action is taken.

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In response, the NHS launched a campaign “Help us, help youIn preventing the reluctance that people face to seek treatment during infections. Furthermore, a national campaign strongly encourages those with symptoms of lung cancer to present early. Related communications specifically indicate that the main symptom of this cancer is cough, and if a person has this symptom for more than three weeks and is not positive for Govt-19, they should immediately present themselves to the attending physician. .

Unanimously, health professionals and government members are reminded that cancers need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. With this in mind, British citizens are being invited to consult if they have any suspicions that the Govt-19 epidemic is over.

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