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Govind 19. Their flight arrived late and passengers are isolated in Australia

Govind 19. Their flight arrived late and passengers are isolated in Australia

Passengers on a Virgin Australia flight between Perth and Brisbane Australia Had to be isolated on April 23rd. A procedure that was not initially planned. Their Plane As it was too late, reports suggest that they landed after the health regulations in the target state were changed CNN And this Brisbane Times.

Upon departure, Western Australia announced a three-day lockout for the Perth and Peel region. The state of Queensland followed suit, saying any passenger from that state should be subjected to 14 days of isolation. Passengers on board VA469 were not affected at the time because the new health rule was due to take effect at midnight.

Late arrival at Brisbane Airport

But the Virgin Australia flight did not go as planned. A technical problem kept the plane on the ground for more than five hours. As a result, passengers landed in Brisbane just after 1am on April 24th. Passengers then had to comply with the isolation measure. Each passenger joined a hotel room. All accommodation costs are covered by the State of Queensland.

Passengers do not have to pay attention to isolation. They were able to leave the hotel three days later with a negative Govt-19 test. The siege operations were lifted by the authorities. Australia has not been the least bit affected by the corona virus infection. As of April 28, there were less than 30,000 cases of Govt-19 and 910 deaths. The country has closed its air borders. Only one “travel bubble” has been established in New Zealand.