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Google wants to tackle the metaverse with new AR glasses

Google clearly did not take advantage of the failure of Google Glass. While he thought the automaker’s ambitions for augmented reality had certainly been buried, the New York Times article reveals just the opposite. According to their source, Google is currently working on a major new AR project.

Credits: Google

Google was one of the first companies to actively participate in the development of products focused on augmented reality. Unfortunately for the Mountain View Company, The ambitious Google Glass project has never passed marketing to the public. Finally, Google changed direction by keeping its Google Glass for the professional world Not Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

Since its launch in 2017, the web giant has been somewhat conservative about its projects related to virtual reality or augmented reality. Unlike many competitors. Be it Facebook or rather dead now, with a new VR headset via Project Cambria, Microsoft with networkAnd Communication platform using mixed reality (Virtual and Augmented), not to forget Why Apple GlassThis particular field is on the rise among technology leaders.

The latest evidence to date of brands’ interest in the topic with an announcement Oppo AirglassAnd Connected glasses based on augmented reality. Faced with this agitation from virtual and augmented reality, Google decided to respond. Anyway, that’s what the New York Times tells us in an article dedicated to the various AR and VR projects of major high-tech companies.

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Google hasn’t said its last word on augmented reality

According to their source, US media claims that Google “feeds a new project Dedicated to Augmented Reality. Will follow specifically from North capture In June 2020. As a reminder, this is a Canadian company that specializes in the field and is known for its launch The Focals 1.0.0 UpdateAugmented reality glasses. While the company was working on the next generation of Focals, Google bought the startup.

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from now on, Its members are integrated into Google’s Devices and Services division. This cell specifically works on Nest devices, Google Pixel smartphones, and other California company products. Notice that we also find in the same division A team responsible for designing a special operating system for devices compatible with augmented reality. Moreover, the man in charge of this team is none other than a former employee of Oculus, who was corrupted by Google a few weeks ago. As you understand, everything indicates that Google is preparing to make significant progress in this specific area. Now all that remains is to wait for the first official announcements.

source : The New York Times