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Google provides details about the new features in Android 12 (Go edition)

Google provides details about the new features in Android 12 (Go edition)

Four years after the launch of Android (Go Edition), Google can congratulate itself for offering nearly 200 million users a lightweight version of its mobile operating system designed for smartphones with modest configurations. The latest version, Android 12 (Go Edition), has been reviewed and patched by Google teams to deliver a smoother user experience, with new privacy-respecting features.

More fluids, less energy

With this new version of Android (Go Edition), Google promises better smoothness in navigating and increased speed when opening apps by up to 30%. Apps now open instantly without displaying a white screen like in previous versions.

Mountain View also explains that it has made a new API available to developers, splash screen, to allow them to make their application smoother upon opening.

Android 12 (Go edition) should consume less power. Google announces better autonomy with this new version thanks to the creation of an automatic hibernation system for applications when they are not used for a certain period.

Although Android 12 (Go Edition) is a lite version of Android 12, Google still integrates smart functions into it. Thus it is possible to listen to the latest news, translate what is displayed on the device screen on the move, or use it Close postAndroid Proximity Sharing function, to quickly share files between multiple devices.

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New privacy functions

With Android 12 (Go Edition), Google has also simplified guest mode (which allows a third party to use the same smartphone without accessing the main user’s data), by introducing a profile system, which can be activated directly from the lock screen.
Switching from the main user profile to the guest profile takes place in an instant without compromising the device owner’s privacy. Finally, this new version of Android (Go Edition) introduces a dedicated privacy dashboard.

It details which smartphone items the apps access, such as the microphone, camera, or location, and allows you to revoke the granted permissions if necessary.
Finally, a new green indicator is automatically displayed in the status bar, at the top right of the screen, as soon as an app has accessed the microphone or smartphone camera.

source : google browser

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