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Google Play Store apps privacy labels are starting to appear

Google Play Store apps privacy labels are starting to appear

The company said Google is rolling out a new security section in the Play Store designed to show users more details about what apps collect data and how they use it. The section will be rolled out gradually to users over the next few weeks, and app developers have until July 20 to add the information to their lists — so the section may not appear immediately to everyone. was the initiative First announced last year.

According to Google, the section is an attempt to give users more information and context. It lists the data collected by each developer, whether they share it, and their security practices (for example, whether they encrypt data in transit). There will also be information about whether the developer adheres to the Google Play Family Policy and whether its security practices have received endorsement from a third party.

Sections can be expanded to see more information.
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More information can be found on what developers should disclose On this support page. Depending on the page, misrepresentation of the application’s data collection practices or failure to complete this section may mean that updates to the application will be blocked and it may be removed from the Play Store. “Even app developers who do not collect any user data are required to complete this form and provide a link to their privacy policy,” the page says.

Play Store’s new transparency comes after the launch of a file Similar Jobs in Apple App Store At the end of 2020. But Google’s support page notes that its security section isn’t necessarily the one-to-one equivalent of Apple’s, so developers don’t expect to provide exactly the same information. The page reads “The rating and framework of the data security department on Google Play may differ significantly from those used in other app stores.”

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This initiative is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to ensure that Play Store apps respect user privacy. Earlier this month, he announced his intention to Availability Restriction outdated apps on the Play Store in order to ensure that the apps available for download are using the latest Android privacy and security features.