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Google Photos just got better with bigger smartphones

Google Photos just got better with bigger smartphones

The Google Photos interface changes a bit to make sharing faster. This limited deployment test now provides a more manageable interface on larger smartphones, but you may not be able to access it right away.

Google Images // Source: Frandroid

Google Photos It changes shape again and adopts a new interface in version 5.96, as I spotted it 9to5Google. This allows users to share their photos and videos directly from the app’s library.

Complete interface that can be accessed with one hand

A new popup appears when you select photos or videos from your library ‘, explains Specialized Media. This novelty is still a subject of limited publication at the moment.

If, when selecting content, an interface previously appeared at the top of the screen, it is now brought to the bottom of the screen. This makes it easy to access these menus, especially when you have a large screen. Options to shareAnd the add to And the to delete It is becoming more and more available on large smartphones.

Google Photos
Source: 9to5Google

The options also allow the user to request prints of their snapshots directly from the app, to archive content or even to move a locked folder that requires a fingerprint or code to unlock it.

More shortcuts, but not for everyone

With this new interface, Google Photos users will no longer have to go to each of their photos to share their photos and videos. Content can also be added to an album from a shortcut, and its location can then be viewed.

Google has already revamped its library and sharing tab before. This new interface change is now being tested for the Photos tab. However, it may be that due to its limited reach, this change does not immediately reach the smartphones of all users.

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