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Google is the homepage for advertising content that is not available on Android TV

Google is the homepage for advertising content that is not available on Android TV

Google can now show ads for content that won’t be found on Android TV.

Next update for Android TV

Next update for Android TV // Source: Google

For several months, Google has been publishing an update for Android TV that changes the interface. new version It is similar to Google TV that we find in the new Chromecast. a few weeks ago It’s the updated Nvidia Shield. A feature of the new interface is the “Suggestions” display on the home page, content sponsored by Google’s partners, which Fans resented the early days of Android TV.

Google goes a step further with new Disney ads.

Suggested content… not available

In fact, Americans have been able to discover ads for the movie lately. Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the upcoming flagship movie from Marvel Studios and Disney scheduled for release in September…in cinemas! So Google is offering to sponsor a movie that can’t be watched on any Android TV device, because it will only be available in theaters.

As 9To5Google notes, this is the first time to our knowledge that Google has accepted ad serving for content that cannot be shown directly on the device under Android TV.

In general, Content provided by Google, and paid for by Disney or other representatives, relating to films or series available through the Classic SVOD Services. The excellent Luca movie from Pixar Studios has long been sponsored by Disney on Android TV for example.

With content that cannot be viewed directly, we are much closer to simple ads than to ‘suggested’ content.

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