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Google is taking a giant step to protect our privacy

Google will require all developers in the Play Store to integrate features that allow users to delete their personal data. The move is intended to enhance privacy and give users more control over their information in Android apps.

Source: Shiwa ID // Unsplash

Google has been developing Android for a few years to improve our data privacy. With better permission control, for example, or even removing the ability given to third-party apps to listen to each other.

Google thought Users should be in complete control of their data, and apps have a responsibility to be transparent about how they handle that information. Several important points must be taken into account in this initiative, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Android.

As part of its strategy to enhance privacy on Android, Google has ordered all developers to implement a feature that allows users to delete their personal data in any app. Although some applications already offer this functionality, the process is often complicated or time consuming. From now on, all apps will have to facilitate this procedure.

Specific rules to follow

For apps that allow account creation, developers will soon have to offer an option to delete accounts and data both within the app and online. Which means Developers should offer to delete data via an external website. So, if the user has already deleted the app from their Android device, they don’t need to download it again to remove their personal information.

Google also points out that when a user deletes their account, The application shall automatically delete all associated personal data. In this way, it is not necessary to perform two separate operations.

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If the user does not wish to delete his account, but would like to delete certain personal data, the application must allow this. in some cases, The application may need to retain certain data To enhance security methods on Android. If this is the case, they can keep it, but they must inform the user of the saved data and how it is used.

Lots of work required from developers

Google understands that these changes cannot be implemented overnight. So developers will have enough time to adapt to this new regulation, especially those who currently do not have data deletion functionality or a website dedicated to managing this data.

It is likely that major publishers will not have significant difficulties complying with these new requirements. However, this can present a challenge for smaller indie developers, who may have limited resources and less experience to implement these changes quickly and efficiently.

Android applications will have Until the beginning of 2024 to implement these changes. For applications that need more time to comply with the new guidelines, an extension until May 31, 2023 can be requested.

These new measures put in place by Google to make it easier to delete accounts and personal data on Android apps are part of the context of strengthening data protection laws on a global scale. In fact, these regulations aim to ensure better control and greater transparency for users regarding the management of their personal data.

Among these laws, obviously, we find General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, which imposes strict rules on the collection, processing and storage of personal data. The actions announced by Google comply with these requirements by giving users the ability to easily delete their personal data and by clearly informing them about the data being held and used.

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