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Google is preparing a global artificial intelligence that can translate 1000 languages

Google is preparing a global artificial intelligence that can translate 1000 languages

Even if they’ve been in the making for a long time, every day brings its share of innovations in artificial intelligence. In turn, Google announces that it is working on a new translation tool to cater to as many people as possible. He will be able to understand a thousand foreign languages.

ChatGPT’s success has highlighted the amazing potential of AI. To counter such technology, projects multiply and all the most important players in technology rush into it. So Google recently revealed Bard Diagram, its conversational bot project.

With that said, Google aims to better organize information and, above all, make it more accessible and useful to everyone. Obviously, Bard will draw on all the information available on the web, in order to provide up-to-date and contextual answers.

The AI ​​has been trained with several billion sentences

But the Mountain View company doesn’t intend to stop there, and it has another project in its drawers, an AI model compatible with no fewer than 1,000 languages. Google has already announced that it has trained its language model on 12 million hours of speech and nearly 28 billion sentences covering more than 300 languages, so the goal is to soon get to 1,000.

Thus it can already automatically recognize, in voice, common languages ​​such as English or Mandarin, but also rare languages ​​such as Azerbaijani. The learning process of the model developed by Google will effectively adapt to any new language.

Besides being a translation tool, this artificial intelligence will open up very huge prospects. It can even, in the long term, be integrated into connected objects, such as headphones or eyeglasses. The first lid on its capabilities can be lifted at the next Google I / O conference, scheduled for May 2023. This should in any case focus on artificial intelligence in general.

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