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Google is giving new impetus to advertising using artificial intelligence

Google is giving new impetus to advertising using artificial intelligence

Every year Google organizes an event that allows it to present the main innovations and latest trends in digital marketing: Google Marketing Live. This comes after the Google I/O conference that was held last week. Google Marketing Live 2024, which took place on Tuesday, May 21, was an opportunity for the internet giant to demonstrate how advertising can be integrated into the AI ​​overview offered by Gemini.

Overviews of artificial intelligence and advertising

As announced at Google I/O 2024, the American company has launched overviews of artificial intelligence in the United States. These solutions offered by Gemini replace SGE (Generative Search Experience). but What Advertising in all this? It hasn't been mentioned much yet, and it was finally mentioned as part of Google Marketing Live to follow up on new features announced during Google I/O.

Image credit: Google

Advertisements should be integrated directly into AI overviews. There is talk that various products will be offered accompanying the responses generated by Gemini. Quite simply, if a user performs a specific search, the AI ​​will also be responsible for selecting shopping product references relevant to his or her request. Please note that no additional manipulation should be performed on the part of advertisers. In fact, product announcements will naturally integrate with AI overviews.

The results focus more on the consumer and the brand

This ad integration with AI is still in the testing phase, and also relies on other formats in addition to what was previously announced. It's a matter of putting in place more ways to encourage consumers to buy or allow brands to create a visual identity that looks like them.

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Internet giant You actually want to improve the user journey by offering a new AI-driven search experience. They can upload photos of items they may need to compare more easily. They can also take advantage of Google's virtual try-on technology. When it comes to a user searching for a brand, the search result does both. AI reveals a completely customized visual profile of the brand in question. This is beneficial for the brand as most of its important information is conveyed to the user. At the same time, the user has all the necessary information collected in one place for his research.

Image credit: Google

By combining an overview of AI and advertising, Google's mission is to make searching easier for its users and highlight brands and products like never before.