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Google has found a new argument to attract iPhone users

Google has found a new argument to attract iPhone users

Moving to Android when you're using an iPhone involves giving up certain things, including Live Photos accumulated over the years. Fortunately, Google has an idea to prevent you from losing it. Explanations.

Transfer live images of apple
Credits: Apple

For several years now, Google and Apple have made it easy to migrate between operating systems. For its part, the Apple brand, for example, has developed an application dedicated to transferring your most important data, which is Move to iOS.

This app lets you transfer all your messages, photos, contacts, and even your favorite display settings to your new device.

However, not everything is rosy when it comes to moving from one operating system to another. Since iOS is a closed ecosystem, migrating some elements can be an issue. This is especially the case for live images. If you're an iPhone addict, you probably know them.

Live Photos issue when switching from iOS to Android

For others, we can summarize Live images are like moving pictures. As Apple explains on its official website, “Live Photo records actions that happen before and after you take a photo, including audio.

Let's add that Live Photo is enabled by default. So, unless you disable it, an iPhone owner will likely have dozens and dozens of live photos accumulated in their photo library in the Photos app. However, when an iPhone user decides to move to Android, Google doesn't offer out-of-the-box solutions for transferring your live photos.

Right now, the only alternative is to move your Live Photos to Google Photos. The platform then converts them to Motion Photos, the equivalent of Mountain View. The problem is that this method indicates that you have enough storage available on your Google One account. With a free profile, You only have 15 GB. Not sure if this is enough to store all your photos.

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Google has an idea to save your live photos

However, as detailed by our colleagues from… Robot bodyGoogle is currently working on a solution. In the APK files of the latest update to the Data Transfer Tool (editor's note: Google's app for transferring data between smartphones), journalists noticed hints of an upcoming feature:

As you will understand, Google intends to integrate a tool into its application to ensure that all your live photos are transferred and converted into GIFs during migration.