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Google finally displays the notes about your smartphone and country on the Play Store

Google finally displays the notes about your smartphone and country on the Play Store

The Google Play Store now depends on your smartphone model to show you more relevant ratings.

So it took more than a year for that to happen. Finally, Google recently modified the Play Store ratings according to your country and especially the smartphone you are using. This new registration system, Announced in August 2021was due to be published in early 2022. Google, which has obviously accumulated a lot of delay in its planning, has rolled out its new rating system, across all devices.

So far, Google’s Android App Store has shown a result based on the overall average of results posted by all users, all countries combined, and regardless of device. Android apps can run on a variety of devices, and the reviews and average ratings shown did not reflect the experience some users might have. An app that works well on a high-quality terminal, for example, can be poorly translated into another language, and lacks fluidity on the configured device.


Now, when you go to the Play Store and click on Average App Rating, you will see a note on how ratings are calculated. you say it now, Ratings are based on recent reviews from people in your area who use the same type of device as you Therefore, the average rating displayed for an application may vary from one device to another.

Various ratings Google Play Store
© – on the left, the note from Google Lens appears on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and on the right is the note on the Pixel 4.

In addition, Google states that all reviews and ratings posted on the Play Store come from users with a verified Google account. By referencing the opinions of the same app on two stations from different scopes, the feedback shown is no longer the same as before.

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