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Google brings up a dark topic for its computer search engine

After testing it for several months, Google has finally started rolling out a dark theme for its search engine on PC. As Matt Navarra of The Next Web noted, Google Search’s dark theme is slowly rolling out to all users on Windows 10 and macOS.

Credit: NattNavara / Twitter

Since December 2020, Google has run several tests To make sure the dark theme works properly on its search engine. Its arrival was later confirmed in February.And the When it was published to more users With the Chrome 76 update, it appears that Google has finally decided to make this feature available to everyone, says Matt Navarra on Twitter.

Unlike some apps, this is not a completely black theme The new Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 could take advantage of their AMOLED display. Actually, it is a dark gray theme. We can therefore regret that Google did not leave the choice to users.

How to activate the dark theme on Google?

If Google publishes the dark theme to your device, You should see a notification letting you know that it is now available. If you miss it, it is possible to activate the new theme manually by going to the Google home page, then at the bottom Settings “And the Search parameters ».

In the middle of the page, between ” Voice responses “And the” Where to display results ? New category appearance He should have appeared. This will allow you to choose from Three possibilities: device default theme, dark theme, or light theme. So, if your computer is already configured by default with a dark theme, it will automatically appear on Google by selecting the first option.

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It should be noted that this new dark theme is available on Google search engine, So it will be available on all internet browsersBe it Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. For now, it is rolling out gradually. This is because the new feature is only available to a small number of users. So it will be necessary Maybe wait a few weeks Before it reaches all users.

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