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Google announces cool stuff for emoji

Google announces cool stuff for emoji

To launch Emoji 15.0 by Unicode, Google is taking the opportunity to introduce a lot of new features for its ecosystem.

in Preparation for several monthsThe new emoji set with Emoji 15.0 was finalized by Unicode on Tuesday, September 13th.

Google accompanies this launch with its own style with new emojis and noteworthy improvements.

New emoji

The first announcement is the addition of new emojis in Google and Android. So soon we’ll find the new pink, blue, and gray hearts, or the goose, donkey, and face rocking.

Among the emoji that are expected to quickly become a favorite are the two hands that make up the “Big Five” or the wing emoji, allowing pigs to fly while waiting at airports.

Animated and dancing emoji

Another great novelty is the addition of a bunch of animated emojis. It’s hard to know if this new format will really be adopted since it’s specific to the Google ecosystem, but it should at least see it in Google Messages

Emoji 15, Animation, Personalization: Google announces beautiful things for emoji

Only some emojis have been animated by Google Teams. For the rest, we’ll have to wait and hope the company continues its approach.

More customization

Google emojis now use a new font format called COLRv1. It allows you to easily customize emoji colors.

Google gave an example of a duck emoji with different tints of feathers.

To easily customize emojis, you will have to either use a keyboard gboard On mobile or use Very handy location giving access to Emoji Kitchen.

Unfortunately, once you customize these emojis, they are nothing more than images that can be shared like stickers. They do not integrate with emojis that are part of the Unicode standard.

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